Student Work

The things they've done...

Directly below are video-reel compilations of student work from various classes and disciplines. Click on a thumbnail to play the video, which can also be played fullscreen.

Scroll down for a gallery of "Introduction to Digital Media" example work, and click an image to view it at full resolution.  In this introductory course students are given exposure to different techniques using the various Adobe Creative Suite applications in practical usage, real-world scenarios.

Visual Effects

The path for a Visual Effects artist is no easy road to travel. Oftentimes, especially in school, a student is tasked with planning, generating, and assembling all of their own elements into one cohesive whole -- knowing that the underlying composition, color, and timing will invoke the mood or feeling. 

Motion Design

Motion Design has almost endless possibilities. Whereas visual effects concerns itself with realism, motion design focuses on the stylistic choices that make a product or idea stand out. 

Many shots in this reel are from larger projects that began as written treatments, shot breakdowns, storyboards, animatics, reference frames -- and then executed from beginning to end in various classes throughout their curriculum.  

Introduction to Motion Design

Perhaps one of the most fun and rewarding classes to teach, in this course students receive an introduction to keyframe animation within the world of After Effects. Cross-disciplines get to focus in and present their new & existing work synergistically in an animated and auditory context. 

Emphasis is placed on design, best workflow practices, and how to generate and prep content in tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and then bring it all together. 


Posters and Flyers

Digital Self Portraits & Collages

Vectorized Artwork & "Multiplicity"

Photo Coloring & Restoration